Dear Mr. Reeves

Dear Mr. Reeves,
We hope that this letter finds you well.
It is with great honour that we reach out to you today.
ShibaKeanu ($SHIBK) is a new cryptocurrency memecoin token that has recently been created by 4 charitable individuals.
The ShibaKeanu project was founded upon a noble cause, and at the core of its fundamentals we had to find an entrusted beneficiary for half the tokens.
The search was easy and we have chosen you.
ShibaKeanu blends crypto's favourite K9 (Shiba Inu) with the worlds most loved individual (YOU!) and thus ShibaKeanu was born.
The ShibaKeanu community have entrusted you with half of the 888 trillion ShibaKeanu minted Crypto Tokens (444 trillion tokens) to be managed by you personally or the foundation of your choice for the sole purpose of making a positive impact for those in need.
The ShibaKeanu community, as well as our dedicated team, eagerly await your acceptance, and we can't wait to hear from you.
We have so much to tell you about this project!
Please reach out to us at

Yours sincerely, 

ShibaKeanu Community and Team