• Well, if you have seen and read the homepage of the ShibaKeanu website, it specifically starts with a Warning! There is no talk of traveling to the moon or mars, its just an honest and upfront warning.

    As a team OR as individuals, we cannot be held responsible for token holders’ success or failures.

    We do not want to be thanked for holder success and we do not want to be abused for holder failures, it’s that simple.

    We may remain anonymous forever and we may not, this is something that we will reconsider in the future.

    We have all seen project Creators or CEO’s that have been the face of a project for the purpose of the “trust me effect”?

    We have witnessed projects that failed due to market manipulation, rug pulling or false news about partnerships with certain countries or corporations. What a disgrace!

    There are many failed projects and yet there are many great projects with unknown creators that are just awesome and Bitcoin being at the top of that list.

    We are 4 successful individuals who are running successful businesses, we have challenged ourselves yet again, we don’t need to, but we want to. 


Here is the KYC done by coinscope