ShibaKeanu, an innovative and exciting cryptocurrency token that aims to combine the allure of a meme-based token with an honourable mission. With its unique features, such as the substantial 444 Trillion token allocation to Mr Keanu Reeves for charitable purposes, coupled with community governance which will make all decisions on the future of the project, we believe that ShibaKeanu will foster a vibrant and exciting community within the crypto space, inspired by Dogecoin and Shib but taken to another level, not a cartoon or a symbol but a project with a purpose.

The project is a community-driven cryptocurrency token built on the BNB blockchain. The token derives its name from two iconic figures: "Shiba," representing the beloved Shiba Inu meme, and "Keanu," paying homage to the renowned actor Keanu Reeves.

The primary objective is to leverage the influence of the man himself for the greater good, allowing him to direct Monthly* portions of the token's entrusted to him for charitable endeavours.

The project will enjoy an active community governance mechanism, The project aspires to set a meaningful example to other upcoming reputable meme coin projects.

Although ShibaKeanu is a meme-based cryptocurrency token, rest assured that together and with the governance of the ShibaKeanu community we can transform it into something great, its destiny is in our hands.

The project represents a unique fusion of excitement, entertainment, and philanthropy. With the man himself updating us on the charitable token distribution as it happens.

Together as a community we will create an engaging and enjoyable experience for Mr Reeves, those in need and all token holders.


Mr Keanu Reeves, the renowned actor and philanthropist, is entrusted with 444 Trillion ShibaKeanu tokens. These tokens are reserved exclusively for charitable purposes, allowing Keanu Reeves to allocate the funds to the causes he deems most impactful and deserving. In Keanu We Trust!


  • Keanu Reeves Allocation: 444 trillion tokens (50% of the total supply)
  • Founders Wallet Allocation: 10 trillion
  • Marketing Wallet Allocation: 10 trillion 
  • Developer Wallet Allocation: 10 trillion
  • Remaining Circulating Supply: 414 trillion tokens


ShibaKeanu operates as a decentralized and community-driven project. Token holders WILL have the opportunity to participate in governance proposals and decisions, ensuring transparency and inclusivity in the project's future development and endeavours. This will be implanted by way of fair voting by all holders.


We are certain that many of you’ve read multiple project road maps and we have too.

The common denominator with all project road maps is TIME, for example; Quarter 1 we will implement this, Quarter 2 we will implement that, Quarter 3 we will have this and that and a bunch of things completed.

Many reputable crypto projects mean well; however, the road map does not always go to plan due to technical issues or other unforeseen challenges, this in turn leaves holders worried, confused, fearful and subsequently you see many selloffs, this in turn creates a ripple effect amongst holders.

Well, we thought about this and after much discussion, we agreed that the only way to deliver is through COMMINTMENTS that are triggered by monetary GOALS.

Things we have completed so far; (The timeline contains achieved and Pending)


Mr Keanu Reeves

We are entrusting 444 Trillion Tokens to Mr Keanu Reeves. These tokens will be handed to him once he gets in touch with us, the acceptance and transfer will be made public.

We’re genuinely excited about the incredible feats he’s going to achieve with these special tokens.

Now, to make sure projected is protected and to ensure continuity, we’re keeping things steady by putting a monthly limit on how many tokens Mr Reeves can sell. Specifically, he can sell up to a maximum of 5 Trillion tokens on the first day of each month.

If for any reason, Mr Reeves fails to sell any of the maximum 5 Trillion tokens at the start of any said month, there will not be any carrying over to the next month, meaning he cannot sell 10 Trillion the following month.

This strategy is designed to keep the price of the token stable as much as possible and prevent huge sales that could be disruptive. It’s all about ensuring a steady controlled pace. 

10 trillion Tokens

Founders Wallet

The founders are committed not to TRADE any of the 10 Trillion tokens for a period of 3 years, WALLET LOCKED


10 trillion Tokens

Marketing Wallet 

At the time this wallet surpasses a goal of $2 Million, we will ask the community to vote for one of multiple marketing campaigns, the budget is capped at a maximum of 10% of the marketing wallet and renewed and reviewed every 3 months, the community along with the team want this project to go VIRAL, we can begin with marketing ideas from day one, so if you have any ideas please direct them to info@shibakeanu.io, we will select the TOP 10 marketing ideas and provide the community with a fair voting mechanism. There will be a page dedicated to marketing expenditure on the ShibaKeanu website, this will confirm the upcoming marketing campaign/s, its costs and all payment receipts along with all associated evidence showing the campaign launch and end.


10 trillion tokens

Developer Wallet 

At the time this wallet surpasses a goal of $2 Million, we will employ a crypto developer to take charge of technical development and technical evolution of the token, developing further security, implementing technical solutions for the long term strategies of the token, the community will be responsible for all future directions of the token, as an example; we envisage collaborations with other well established projects, we will look at the much talked about Mastercard/Visa card white label collab (talked about but never implemented), we will look at staking, wallets, exchanges, and other various functions. The possibilities are endless.

An initial budget of 20% of the developer wallet will be assigned to this employment, this is renewed and reviewed at 12 months after the initial employment.

Developer employment – The community will be given the opportunity to vote for 1 of multiple developers who have applied for the position, basic information and a detailed curriculum will be made available to the community for voting.

All expenditure from the developer wallet will be made available on the ShibaKeanu website.