WHAT Is ShibaKeanu

It’s Simple!

ShibaKeanu is a blend of the beloved Shiba Inu token (SHIB) and the entrusted Mr Keanu Reeves. 

ShibaKeanu is an exciting BNB based Meme Token.

There are 888 Trillion Tokens Total Circulation of which 444 Trillion Tokens (half) are entrusted to Mr Reeves. 

More specifically, We as team ShibaKeanu and the ShibaKeanu community (holders) have entrusted Mr Keanu Reeves (Canadian Actor, born 2nd of September 1964 son of Samuel Nowlin Reeves and Patricia Taylor) with half the minted tokens, this equates to 444 trillion tokens.

His random acts of kindness are splashed all over the internet and we believe that Mr Reeves is the most trustworthy candidate to take on this responsibility, it would only be natural for one of the many kind human beings roaming the planet.

Crypto For Compassion; Mr Reeves will use his share for charitable purposes the best way he sees fit. We Trust In Him!

The tokens future is 100% governed by the ShibaKeanu community immediately after launch and through a fair voting mechanism, the projects future will be determined by the community.

ShibaKeanu is not in anyway endorsed or promoted by Mr Keanu Reeves, not at this present moment anyway, we do have plans though, watch this space closely.

Over time, ShibaKeanu will EVOLVE, this is made possible with the dedicated Developer and Marketing wallets (Oh and btw we don’t believe in billboard ads), see the White Paper for more details and remember, the community is in control.

The Community; The ShibaKeanu community should respectfully reach out to Mr Reeves INDIRECTLY through social media (we hope VIRAL, in fact we know it will be viral), we DO NOT want to disturb, annoy, stalk or reach out directly to Mr Reeves, as a team and community he will know we TRUST IN HIM, it will be a matter of time and let us tell you “We can’t wait”.